I’m very pleased that you are interested in the role of Executive Director at Greenpeace UK.


andrew-mcparland.jpgOur retiring Executive Director, John Sauven, has given exceptional service over more than 30 years, and he is bequeathing to his successor an organisation in robust shape. Financially and reputationally strong, we are a united and determined group of volunteers, supporters, staff and board members, with a clear vision of how to advance our purpose.

Today, Greenpeace is part of an increasingly plural, energised and diverse activist ecosystem. We’re incredibly proud of what makes us distinctive – our track record, our commitment to direct action, our respected and robust evidence base, a brand that’s held in universal affection, and unrivalled national and international capacity. Your role will be to mobilise this unique portfolio of strengths to maximise our reach, impact and effectiveness.

The right person (or persons, if applying as a jobshare) will have been travelling towards this role for some time. You will have gathered a varied set of leadership insights and experience, which must include an appreciation of how climate justice relates to a wider, intersectional framework of social equity. Not everyone will feel the impacts of the climate and ecological emergency in the same way, with frontline communities and Global South countries bearing the impacts even though they contributed least. Your understanding of systemic injustices and ongoing power asymmetries will be an important contribution to the work that needs to be done.

There is no more important task than this, and no more time to delay. I look forward to meeting you.

Andrew McParland
Chair, Greenpeace UK

Andrew McParland, our chair, on an action in the Cromarty Firth